The Kill Chain

A look inside the secret military unit that tracks targets for drone wars.

The Flatwoods Monster

In 1952, the Flatwoods Monster terrified 6 kids, a mom, a dog—and the nation.

Karen Lost and Found

A teen runaway transforms herself after her mother’s suicide, and rescues other teens from homelessness and abuse.

For Alex

Parents of a U.S. Army soldier killed in action in Iraq confront the president of the United States about his death after they board Air Force One

The Miracle of Father Kapaun

A Kansas parish priest saves hundreds of lives as a U.S. Army chaplain in the Korean war and dies a martyr in a prisoner of war camp.

The Koch’s Quest to Save America

Charles and David Koch give their first extended interviews on how they want to change America (With Bill Wilson)

A Love Story Was My Dad’s Gift To Me

At his father’s deathbed, a son realizes a father’s lifelong gift.